The Artist

I am a 29 year old, self taught independent artist born and raised in SA.

I recently moved to Ballito from Gauteng. Currently I’m a commission artist also known as the Sip & Paint lady in and around the KZN area.

I’ve been working as a full time artist for the past 5 years, currently spreading my wings to reach the top of my artistic potential.

I’ve been blessed with an amazing talent and it is my duty to develop my artistic skills, to be able to showcase my art to all that is willing to appreciate it.

I am an artist at living – my work of art is my life.
– DT Suzuki


My art style

My art style consists of mostly acrylic painting and bic pen artwork, but I’m skilled in all mediums such as pencil, oils, oil pastels, water colour and I’ve even taught myself to paint with coffee.

Most of my original work are painted with reference to the woman’s face, neck and collarbone. To me that is the most vulnerable part of the woman and to me vulnerability is living. Living freely and carelessly, without hiding ones true character. Living as if without flaws.

The wings in my paintings symbolizes freedom & angelic beings – to never being contained by one box or one idea of ones self, but to find your inner “goddess” and living in that full potential.

My artwork speaks to woman in general, to be able to look at my work and feel the beauty,the freedom and resonating with it.